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Christianity is a Relationship

Jacob’s Well Bible Study Christianity is a Relationship Christianity is not a religion. A religion is a set of human rules, dogmas, and traditions that dictate one’s behavior relative to deity. Christianity is not a life-style, because again, a life-style is based on human dogma and traditional behavior. Jesus came to free us from the [...]

Reference & Study Texts

Some Handy Reference and Study Texts 1. Mears, Henrietta C. 1998. What the Bible is All About (NIV edition). Regal. Ventura, CA. 2. Pearlman, Meyer. 1930. Seeing the Story of the Bible. Gospel Pub. House, Springfield, MO. 3. Pearlman, Meyer. 1935. Through the Bible Book by Book, Part 1 Genesis to Esther, Gospel Pub. House, [...]

On-Line Resources

A Few Online Resources 1. Bible Gateway. A great on-line source for finding information in a host of translations. Easy to use and the information can be copied and pulled into Microsoft Word for easy. 2. is another great website search program that not only allows searching of many different translations that also [...]

Basic Bible facts

Jacob’s Well Bible Study A Few Basic Bible Facts One of the keys to studying the Bible is being able to quickly locate any one of its 66 books. It’s not really all that hard if one sees how the books of the Bible are organized, and that’s rather logical. 1. The Bible is God’s [...]

Getting Started

As we start this blog on Jacob’s Well (see John 4:3-42), I want to lay down a couple of ground rules. First, I will be using the Amplified Bible (AMP) for all text quotes, unless otherwise noted. Here are the abbreviations for other Bible translations that I will quote from time to time: NKJV = [...]

Welcome to The Well

Welcome to Jacob’s Well. This is a Bible study that I conduct at my church every Sunday that I’m home. In addition, I write a weekly lesson that goes out to all those on my Jacob’s Well Bible Study email list. Now you can get those studies right here at Jacob’s Well online. The college [...]