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Love is Not, Part 3

Love is certainly not hate, and yet, the God of the universe, the Lord God Almighty Who is love,  “hates.” The passage below from Proverbs is an excellent one for teaching us what Agape is not. I’ve numbered the 7 items to make it easier to keep them in mind while reading. These six things [...]

Love is Not, Part 2

God has always been the God of Agape. His nature is constant, unchanging, eternal (Ps. 119:89, 160; Isa. 40:8, 1Peter 1:25). From the very beginning His concern has been for those He created. He made a place for us to live that contained all that life needed in order to survive, thrive, and be in [...]

Love is Not, Part 1

Sometimes we can learn a great deal about a thing by learning what it is not. That’s the basis of such fun childhood games as 20 questions. One asks particular questions such that a “no” answer with help shape in the person’s mind what the object might be by knowing what the object is not. [...]

Living Agape

The title of this lesson has a double meaning. (1) The Agape of God is living and can abide in us, guide us, and reform us (Heb 4:12,  2Tim. 1:7, Rom. 5:5). (2) The Agape of God is to be our number one characteristic (Acts 1:26, Rev. 2:4). In fact, when Jesus wrote His Last [...]