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Love is Not part 20

God’s love, His Agape, is not shy. But neither is it pushy and belligerent. It is always willing and ready to give an answer for the hope that is in us. A gentle and logical answer (1Peter 3:15). One directed by the Holy Spirit, not one that we’ve created to make ourselves look good or [...]

Love is Not part 19

Agape does not believe in the “good” in people; it instills good in people. The New Age movement, which by the way is certainly anything but new, would have us believe that all people are inherently “good,” and that given the right opportunities, they can express that good to the benefit of all humankind. Boy [...]

Love is Not part 18

Agape is not passive, it is active; it presents the gospel and obeys God at all times. It is important to understand that God’s nature in us does not make us totally laid back, simply allowing others to do as they want and “what ever will be will be.” As the driving characteristic of God, [...]

Love is Not part 17

As we continue our study of Agape, we need to pause from time to time and dwell on a point or two that’s already been made. That’s what we’re going to do in this lesson. Agape is not something we do for or to others, it is something that we are. And Agape is not [...]

Love is Not Part 16

God’s love is not unconditional. At the same time it is unconditional. This is not an unsolvable conundrum; it simply depends upon the topic of discussion. Let me explain. God’s Agape causes Him to extend the same offer of salvation to every person. In fact, it is His desire that all humans be rescued from [...]