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KTTK 25 Kings

Our lives in Christ Jesus are not ones of impotence and just-do-the-best-you-can. Our lives are lives of power and authority, living hand-in-hand with the King of kings, Lord of lords. Ours are lives to be lived in the fullness that God intends for His family. It was not Jesus’ intent to just buy us out [...]

KTTK 24 Prophet

God’s Word tells us very clearly that we are heirs of God, and co-heirs of Jesus Christ (Rom. 8:17, Gal. 3:29, 4:7, Eph. 3:6, James 1:9, 1Peter 3:7,9). As such we each receive anointing as a priest, a prophet, and a king, operating under the leadership of our High Priest, Great Prophet, and King of [...]

KTTK 23 Priest

I frequently watch TV preachers early on Sunday mornings to hear what they say and compare it to what God’s Word teaches. I do this so that I may truly learn more about the Word and my exact relationship to God through Jesus Christ. However, I always listen with an evaluative ear because Jesus told [...]