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KTTK 31 Sound Mind

The sound mind that we have been given is none other than the mind of Christ (1Cor. 2:16)! As astounding as it may seem, it is absolutely true. God doesn’t want us as a collection of trophies that He can hold up to Satan. God wants us as His children, reflecting His attributes to the [...]

KTTK 30 Love

Paul told Timothy that God pours into His children His power, His Agape Love, and His sound mind (2 Tim. 1:7). Each child gets all three of these great attributes. How well each of us uses them is up to us. God will not force us to call upon His power to help us carry [...]

KTTK 29 Power

God’s Word contains plenty of information concerning our responsibilities as His children. It also contains much information about exactly who we are as His children. For example, as His children, we are no longer called “sinners,” rather we are called “saints” (Rom. 1:7). Sinners are those outside of God’s Kingdom. Saints are God’s children. That [...]

KTTK 28 The Name

We have the God-given right to use the sacrificial Blood of the Lamb as our authority to operate as priests in our lives. It is the Blood that we plead for our salvation (Eph. 1:7), and for our cleansing when we mess up (1John 1:7-9). God gave us His Word to use as our authority [...]

KTTK 27 The Word

A prophet is one who speaks out God’s will, either to indicate what will happen in the future according to God’s plan, or what His will is in any particular ongoing situation. In other words, the prophet is speaking God’s will. And in speaking, the prophet has to use words; God’s words. The authority of [...]

KTTK 26, The Blood

Every believer has been given the authority to operate as a priest, a prophet, and a king in his/her own life under the authority of Christ Jesus, who is the Great High Priest, the Great Prophet, and the King of kings. He is the Head (Eph. 1: 22-23), we are the Body (Col.1:18), and we [...]