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KTTK 36 Gospel Shoes

Footwear might not seem like a very significant part of one’s armor, but actually what’s worn on the soldier’s feet can be highly significant. Every have a pair of ill-fitting shoes? Mmmm, what great pleasure to walk about in them, right? Shoes that provide an ample supply of blisters are never welcome on anyone’s feet. [...]

KTTK 35 Belt of Truth

A belt seems like an odd item to be included in one’s “armor.” After all, how much can a belt protect a person against an enemy’s sword, knife, spear, arrows, etc.? Well, actually it can give some protection if it’s a broad belt of bull neck leather, in which case it would be as tough [...]

KTTK 34 Breastplate of Righteousness

God’s armor is not some mystical or mythical Biblical symbolism. It is real, just as God is real, and it is full functional, just as God is fully functional. God gave it to us for a very specific purpose, and we need to not only understand why, but how to most effectively use it and [...]

The Helmet of Salvation

When David was first setting out to fight Goliath, he was given Saul’s own personal armor to wear. But the pieces were much too big for David, and so he had to refuse them (1Sam. 17:38-39). We have been given God’s armor to wear. It’s not too big, it’s not too small, it’s just right [...]

Pauline Prayers

This is more or less an addendum to the last three lessons that dealt with the power, love, and a sound mind that God has put into each of His children. In addition, this is a short lesson on praying God’s Words. Remember, God’s Words are anointed to go forth and carry out that for [...]