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People of Promise 68 Irreproachable 2

We began a discussion of the concept of “irreproachable” in the last lesson with the idea of truly understanding who God has made us to be in Christ Jesus. Not just knowing who we are, but acting upon it in faith. Remember that faith is absolute trust in God. Not a “maybe” faith, not a [...]

People of Promise 68 Irreproachable

We need to very clearly understand who Christ has made us to be. We need to understand so that we can (1) operate in, and take full advantage of, what He bought and paid for on the cross, and (2) utilize all that He has thus provided for us to help others find their way [...]

People of Promise 67 Greater

It is imperative that we understand what it means to be a child of God. Not just the idea of being “saved” and living in eternity with God, but all that it entails. This is essential if we are to operate and function the way God intends for each of our lives here on earth. [...]

People of Promise 66 The Cross

The cross was certainly a cruel and despicable way to put people to death. In fact, the Romans considered it the most cruel and despicable way to kill a person. It was meant as not only as a deterrent to crime, but as a way to mock, degrade, and minimize a person. So, the question [...]