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Those who know me, know that my total life, every fiber of my being, is grounded eternally in Christ Jesus. Clearly, He is the Truth, the Way, and the Life, and all that I am is because of Who He is. The college professor in me has led me to both write and speak widely on the Gospel, teaching, preaching, and healing as God has asked His children to do (Matt. 28:18-20,  Mark 16:16-18). Jacob’s Well is a series of discussions on various Gospel topics and is based firmly on God’s Word. Columns are issued on a weekly basis.


  1. mike miller says:

    I just got done reading your article in Fly Fusion. I have a dvd of yours Fly Fishing for Trout that I watch several times a year in the winter. Would like to get a couple more. So I looked you up on the internet and found your bible study. I am an avid fly angler and tyer. I live and work at Copper Mtn. Colorado. Work all weekends, holidays and events. So I do not get to church anymore, for over 15years or so. Pretty much have lost touch with Jesus. I would like to try your bible study if that is alright with you.

  2. Gary says:

    Dear Mike,
    Thank you so much for your comment on the blog. And yes, all are welcome to access the articles on jacob’s Well. I will have the first article up this week.
    In Christ, GB

  3. Mark Skomal says:

    I attended your class today on Really Matching the Hatch. It’s a blessing to check out your website and find you are a believer.

    In him,


  4. Cindy Artus says:

    Thank you so much for leading our church, Rib Falls United Methodist Church, in worship this morning. We all were blessed by your message. Thank you also for inviting my family to come up to pray with you. We have seen God’s miracles and the power and love of His guiding hand in our lives. And today, we felt the power of the Holy Spirit among us as we prayed. May He continue to guide my family. Thank you for your inspirational words and wisdom.

    May the Lord bless you and keep you always.

  5. Dale R. Thompson says:

    We are blessed with complete freedom, granted by the creator, and assured by the teachings and sacrifices of the Christ. You have used your freedom to praise Him and enhance our knowledge of His works. You could have used your talents only to enhance your own financial welfare. I am extremely gratified that you know so very well where all our blessings come from, and feel so fortunate to be your friend. God loves you, Gary, and so do I. Dale T.

  6. Gary says:

    Thanks Dale, God’s peace to you my friend.

  7. Joe Kahler says:

    Gary, we met at the Red Stick Fly Fishers conclave in Baton Rouge and we had dinner together Saturday night. I’m the psychologist. I really regret that I hadn’t visited your website and discovered your biblical scholarship and faith prior to the conclave. I, too, am a Christian. I was raised in the Baptist church which, I’m sure you must know, is heavily invested in the Word. My grandfather was lauded at his funeral by his pastor as “the best biblical lay scholar” he ever knew, and my grandfather and I were very close. It is him, and my grandmother, whom I consider to be my personal evangelists, my primary earthly links to God and his Kingdom. In any case, I have drifted from organized religion over the years, as I have found it to have drifted from 1st Century Christianity. But I have not drifted from my faith in God, or from Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I want to let you know how much I enjoy reading your work here at Jacob’s Well. It’s become a part of my daily morning prayer and meditation and is truly water for a thirsty soul. Thanks so much. Tight Lines! (both biblical and piscatorial). Joe Kahler

  8. Otto Rueger says:

    It’s been quite awhile since I took my first lessons on fly fishing with you, Nancy, Jason, and Royce Dam in beautiful Wisconsin. Thanks to you I was inspired to join Truot Unlimited and the Federation of Fly Fishers where I became the first president of the newly formed Great River Council. Now, in Arizona, I’ve had to slow down due to health issues but often think back on the days of dreaming of becoming a trout bum. I was pleased to see your web site and your witnessing for Christ. Blessings to you and yours and thank you for inspiring me to care for our precious fresh water resources.

  9. Rich Hazekamp says:

    Gary, I’m so glad to have clicked on your blog, and to see that you’re a Christian too! I’ve known of you for years, and read some of your stuff, but never knew we shared our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! I’ll probably never meet you, but will see you at our Lord’s House above. God bless, and thanks for the “well”.
    Rich Hazekamp

  10. Gary says:

    Hi Rich,
    Thanks for the great email comment. I always enjoy meeting my Christian brothers and sisters. I email Jacob’s Well each week to a large list of recipients. If you want to be on the list, let me know.

    Catch a few big ones for me.
    In Christ,

  11. Adam Bradley says:

    hey Gary,

    i met you at a fly-fishing convention in charolett, nc in 2000 or 2001 cant remember, but you signed a book for me and put a verse of scripture next to your name. ever since then i always wondered if you were a believer. I dont really meet many christian fly fishers. i became a disciple of Christ about that time and i have always been encouraged when i open your book and see that verse. i just wanted to say thank you for being bold for the gospel. i work at a christian summer camp and i am thinking of doing a fly fishing rec there. please check out our site.
    your brother in Christ
    Adam Bradley

  12. David Prox says:

    Please put me on your Jacobs Well email list. Love it.

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