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Commit Your Ways to the Lord

2010 is to be a year of experiencing God. It is not to be a year in which we forget all that he has taught us; rather, it is to be a year in which we apply all that He has taught us. First and foremost, above all else, is the ongoing use and building [...]

2010 Experiencing the Spirit

As I’ve prayed and sought the direction that we are to go this year, I’ve heard one word: “experiential.” 2010 is to be a year in which we experience the things that God has made available to us as His children. He doesn’t mean to merely understand, for example, that we are priests, prophets, and [...]

Getting Started

As we start this blog on Jacob’s Well (see John 4:3-42), I want to lay down a couple of ground rules. First, I will be using the Amplified Bible (AMP) for all text quotes, unless otherwise noted. Here are the abbreviations for other Bible translations that I will quote from time to time: NKJV = [...]