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People of Promise 89 For Good

There are times when a quick read of a Bible verse or passage, without taking time to logically and analytically reflect on its meaning, can give us a very wrong impression of our loving, caring, gentle, compassionate, and very much concerned-for-our-well-being Father. One of those verses is Romans 8:28: We are assured and know that [...]

People of Promise 87 If

God’s promises are many and ever true, but they all come with that little two letter word upon which so much depends: “if.” You see, we have to do something in order to receive and function in the promises of God. In Deuteronomy 28 Moses outlined all that God was prepared to do for the [...]

People of Promise 51 White Stone

For some reason I have always loved the great promise that Jesus gives to the overcomers at the church at Pergamum. He promises them a white stone with their secret name engraved on it. As a child, I lived in northwestern Pennsylvania near a large trout stream. I love to fish, and was at the [...]

People of Promise 39 What We Shall Be

There are mysteries that God has not yet unfolded to us, and for good reason. First, if we knew everything, then we would be equal to God, as least in the knowledge realm. Second, if we knew everything in our current state (as God’s children, but still being influenced by the world), we would (not [...]

Lesson 381 People of Promise 24 Righteous

So often in church we lapse into “religious talk” without ever really understanding what our words actually mean. We need to very clearly understand the definitions of the words that we use, sometimes so loosely. If we don’t know exactly what words mean, then they really have no meaning to us at all. Righteous and [...]

Lesson 369 People of Promise 12 Peacemakers

As children of God we are most certainly overcoming kings in our lives. As I noted, not just a king, because kings can be weak and ineffective. We are overcoming kings (1John 4:4, Rom 5:17). We are even more than that. Paul noted that we should always give thanks to God Who gives us the [...]

Lesson 368 People of Promise 11 Overcomers

It’s good to be a king, even better to be an overcoming king. Kings, after all, can be weak and ineffective. That’s not the way God designed His hierarchy of kingship. Jesus is the King of all creation, there is no one above Him (Acts 10:36, Eph. 1:21-22). Jesus is the ultimate Overcomer. We are [...]

In Christ 47 The Promise of the Spirit part 4

The real problem with being infilled with the Holy Spirit is not the actual infilling itself, it the accompanying “speaking in tongues.” Because people have a way of distorting everything that God has made available to us, the church has greatly misused and misrepresented the whole intent of speaking in tongues. This marvelous adventure with [...]

In Christ 46 The Promise of the Spirit part 3

The infilling of the empowering Holy Spirit is to maximize our ability to carry out the one job that God has given us—go and make disciples. True, we are to be “good” people, we are to pray, assemble with other believers, help others, etc., etc. But all of these are just peripheral to our one [...]

In Christ 33 Jesus’ Will 1

Many Christians do not realize that Jesus made a Last Will and Testament (LW&T), but Scriptures clearly records it in John 17. It is imperative that every child of God read Jesus’ Will because we are the beneficiaries of it. We can’t really become all that God intends if we don’t know what Jesus died [...]